FREE Playstation 3 Dynamic Themes


The new PS3 Firmware update 3.00  focuses on navigational features and includes dynamic PS3 theme ability, and if you are trying to save some money, get your hands on the first free animated PS3 Theme called Afrika.The Playstation 3 dynamic themes are basically moving images or animated wallpapers. The Afrika Theme is an animation of Zebras in the wild. Its a pretty long animation and feels like your watching real time Zebras in there own habitat. Dynamic themes will cost you around $2.00 – $3.00 USD. These price may not seem like much after you see how these dynamic themes work with your Playstation 3 interface.

Now for a limited time, the new PS3 Dynamic theme is available as a FREE download only at the Japanese PlayStation Store for account holders. If this has just bummed you out, do not worry, you can view the instruction to open a Japanese account down below. Remember a U.S. account with Playstation Plus grants you premium themes for FREE.


How to get a Japanese Playstation Home account:



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