Future Assassin’s Creed Storylines and Locations Revealed?

Future Assassin’s Creed Storylines and Locations Revealed?

Could this be what future Assassin's Creed titles may focus on?

Now this is interesting. I received a tip from a reader who claims to have partaken in a market research survey about the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and upon taking the survey stumbled onto something quite interesting. One question in particular focuses on possible future storylines and locations for the franchise, with a survey-taker being asked which sounds the most appealing to them. As can be seen in the image above, there are quite a few options shown, and some are even locations that have been hinted at in previous Assassin’s Creed entries.

Now, while Ubisoft has kept mum on possible settings for future entries in the franchise, using market research to gauge what both the general public and fans of a particular product are interested in is a viable and proven option in the field. Is the information found in the screenshot legit? I can’t say for sure, and Ubisoft certainly won’t confirm the matter, though it is quite interesting (and exciting) to imagine the war between the Assassin order and the Templars play out in these various scenarios. If there’s one thing the Assassin’s Creed franchise excels in, it is most certainly the amazing attention to detail in regards to bringing long-past civilizations to life in a stunning way; can you imagine an entry in the franchise taking place in Ancient Egypt, or even Feudal Japan for that matter?

Regardless, this has to be taken as pure rumor at the moment, though it is definitely something that fans of the franchise can salivate over in the meantime!

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