“High Score” Is A Retro Gaming Fan’s Reality TV Dream

“High Score” Is A Retro Gaming Fan’s Reality TV Dream

Personally, I’m not a big fan of reality TV; for the most part, you just follow along on the lives of extremely rich or stuck-up people, indulging on their extreme vanity and excesses with little to no substance. There are a few exceptions, with shows such as Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Auction Hunters that show off some more modest folk seizing opportunities to gain profit from some interesting and unique items that usually have historical or cultural value.

Enter High Score, a potential reality TV show that caters to a specific crowd; retro arcade and pinball fans. As the show’s description states:

It’s the “American Restoration” of the video and pinball game world. Todd and the crew hunt all over to find the favorite amusement machines and restore them to original working beauty. Follow along as they acquire games, fix them and do a number of other activity’s that will keep you watching. Not only will their adventures keep you guessing, but Todd’s long list of celebrity clients will be popping in from time to time to make an appearance.

A “sizzle reel” has also been developed in order to capture the attention of potential distributors, which you can check out below:

Now this certainly captures my interest. I was lucky enough to have been born at a time when the arcade/amusement machine industry was still a popular attraction amongst the masses, and I was lucky enough to experience many classic games, and even waste more quarters than I would care to count on playing various arcade cabinets. As such, I gained an immense respect and fascination for the coin-operated industry over the years, and still reminisce over the good old days when social gaming meant going to an arcade and playing with someone next to you, as opposed to just having an online-enabled game to emulate that experience. Naturally, High Score is something that fascinates me as well; it’s certainly a beautiful thing seeing the work that goes into restoring an old, out-of-shape game cabinet or pinball machine to a “like-new” state. Of course, it also hurts to see some machines being destroyed (or in the case of the video above, thrown off a roof), regardless of whether or not the machine is salvageable.

There’s no guarantee that High Score will ever hit national television, although one can only hope that in a market where any kind of brainless celebrity can have their own reality TV show, there can also be room for a show that caters to the sadly forgotten memories that the coin-op industry brought to our culture in the days of past; I know I would watch this week in and week out!

How about you?


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