Rumor: Chinatown Fair Returns!

Rumor: Chinatown Fair Returns!

After reading the source’s headline, my heart began to flutter and pound as if it had waken from a nightmare. “Nightmare” would be the perfect word to describe the feeling felt on that dreadful night when the closing of Chinatown Fair was made a reality. Now, almost a year later, rumors surface that the arcade is on its way to being resurrected. Kurt Vincent, a Film Maker who is currently filming a documentary of CF funded by Kick Starter, noticed some strange activity at 8 Mott Street a couple of days ago and reported his discovery on his blog. Since his post, sites like Joystiq and the Gothamist have reached out for further details regarding the rumor.

Here’s what Kurt had to say during his talk with the Gothamist:

“As far as I know it is opening ASAP. I’d say within the month since the longer it sits closed the more money is lost. Plus, they aren’t changing a thing to the space. It is in need of renovation, but looks like they are just leaving as is,” he told us.

Vincent was shooting b-roll for the movie this week when he noticed the changes going on inside the building at 8 Mott Street: “Earlier in the week, Sam, the previous owner of Chinatown Fair, told me someone was re-opening the arcade. But you hear a lot of things. I wasn’t sure how likely it was happening. Now we know. A group of men were moving some of the old games back inside.” He later confirmed that with Henry Cen, former manager at Chinatown Fair who is now co-owner of Next Level Arcade in Sunset Park.

So could it be? The arcade that was once a second home for many, including myself, is returning. I guess it was just nightmare after all.

Special thanks to Dave Oshry. Time for you to revisit CF!

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