SEGA Releases Jet Set Radio HD Trailer

SEGA Releases Jet Set Radio HD Trailer

Following up on the initial announcement a few weeks back, SEGA has released an official trailer for Jet Set Radio HD, the digital re-release of the SEGA Dreamcast classic. While I had mentioned some concern over the game’s soundtrack in this digital release, a good sign can be heard in the trailer, as we hear one of the classic songs from the original game, “Rock It On” intact.

In addition, SEGA has confirmed in an interview with the folks over at Gamereactor that at least 70% of the Japanese soundtrack will be making the final cut, with all the tracks from Guitar Vader and Hideki Naganuma remaining intact; in regards to the rest of the music, this is what SEGA had to say:

“[With] the other tracks, the musicians are no longer active and their record labels don’t exist anymore in a sense,” says Sega’s associate brand manager Ben Harborne. “So we’re trying to figure out the best way to include them in a game. I can’t guarantee the full 100% yet, but we’re definitely working toward it.”

While I can certainly understand that some of the tracks may not be able to make it in due to legal reasons, here’s hoping that the full soundtrack remains intact for the final release of the game, as the varied music is a large part of what made Jet Set Radio so unique in the first place. It just wouldn’t be the same playing the game while hearing new tracks, when most players have specific songs ingrained in their minds for certain levels.

Without further ado, you can view the official trailer for Jet Set Radio HD below, and remember that the game is due to release this Summer for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and PC (Steam, no less!):

[Gamereactor UK – GDC 12: Jet Set Radio Interview] P.S. – Is SEGA hinting at Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia being the next games in the SEGA Dreamcast line of re-releases? Oh my!!

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